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Fibre Star (M) Sdn Bhd

The concept of a true, good night’s sleep is embodied in the vision of Fibre Star; a globally respected brand that dedicated the past three decades to deliver 100% coconut fibre mattresses of the highest caliber.

No matter how many years you’ve called Earth home, we have the perfect mattress for you and your needs. From tiny tots to sophisticated men and women, we craft every mattress from A to Z and beyond. For unrivalled value for money and the peaceful slumber you deserved, remember the name: FIBRE STAR.

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Fibre Star® series mattress blends 100% natural fibre and latex to offer a new experience for a natural and refreshing sleep. Selected high quality fibre, non-toxic and bacteria free materials, which had undergone stringent checking and conformed to specifications, are used in this new series to offer wholesome feel of sleeping throughout the night.

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